Talking trash!!!

Trash seems to be the talk of the town – any town.  The problem is huge, global and there’s no more shipping US trash to China.

Everyday tech co.’s are bringing new ideas and solutions to the table. Some ideas and stories are making it to headlines – and some aren’t!

Whether it’s making jet fuel from trash or new delivery concepts or containers (the old-fashioned ones)- telling the right story, the right way, in the right context, ain’t trash.

For many, the question is how to be heard, how to rise above the noise, not only get noticed – but get these solutions into the market.

Finding the right angle for your story is critical. 



YES! Reporters have angles! Expect it and Respect it – it’s their differentiator, their calling card, and their entry into really broad topics.


As we all know, different strokes for different folks applies here.

Tech Crunch, the Wall Street Journal and USA today will all present their stories from a radically different perspective.  Shouldn’t you have an angle too?

Your “breakthrough” is only part of the story; albeit an important part, but where does it fit in the broader context.

Define the arc of your story, craft sound bites, gather your facts and stats, and know your audience. 

Tailor from there and you’ll be on the right track to master your message.